We’re lucky to live in one of the coolest cities in the world. If you need proof, take a look at any best-of city list out there. What you’ll learn is this: Austin is the “it” city right now. We’ve got the hippest, healthiest people; the liveliest nightlife; the most exciting music scene; a thriving job market; a well-educated work force; plenty of single people; and an abundance of sunshine and patios. But like any other growing metropolis, Austin is a city with real issues—and those are the stories we want to tell.

It is the goal of The Austinite to go beyond the superficial and take a deeper look at the stories and issues that are shaping our great city. As a monthly magazine, we’re providing engaged readers with ambitious content that goes beyond the who’s and what’s of Austin, and instead looks at the how’s and why’s. Each month we’ll focus on a topic that’s important to the life, culture and politics of Texas’ capital city, generating an astute overview of the year’s more important and newsworthy events.

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Jennifer Segelke Jeffers