Leslie, Remembered

LESLIE megan ann

A new film on the life and times of Leslie Cochran gets needed funding.

Austin saw its share of ups and downs in 2014, but it certainly ended on a high note when a documentary based on the life of the city’s most iconic eclectic reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. “LESLIE,” an independent film exploring the unapologetic life of Leslie Cochran, Austin’s thong-wearing homeless cultural icon, is now a go for post-production work thanks to the generous contributions of 376 backers. “We are so grateful to the Austin community and to all those that came forth to recognize the importance of telling Leslie’s story,” says Tracy Frazier, the film’s co-director. “We’re so excited that other people see his as a story that needs to be told.”

He’s a complicated character and we felt like we needed to share that.

When asked why a movie about Leslie needed to be made in the first place, Frazier listed many reasons—the barriers he broke as a homeless man, his notoriety, his role in a changing Austin—but none resounded as much as wanting to help set his record straight. “People had these preconceived notions about who he was, and there were so many rumors out there about him,” she says. “We knew there was more going on with him, and we needed to find out. He’s a complicated character and we felt like we needed to share that.”

With a new executive producer on board, Frazier hopes to start submitting to film festivals in September. To stay up-to-date with the movie’s progress and projected release dates, like Freckled Fanny Films on Facebook.

Originally published January 18th, 2015 in The Austinite Magazine.

Photo used under Creative Commons license, courtesy Megan Ann.
See the original Flickr post here.


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