You’re in Austin for SXSW, you want to know where to eat: read on

Want to know where to eat while you’re in town for SXSW? Here are a few quick pointers for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Sam Sumpter.


For breakfast and some pretty perfect pancakes to get prepped for a day in the ATX, look no further than one of the city’s top diners. Kerbey Lane Café has several locations around town and serves up breakfast 24/7 (making it ideal, also, for a late-night bite after a few hours on Sixth Street). Whether you order the buttermilk, gingerbread, apple whole wheat, or blueberry stack of maple syrup-slathered magic (or opt for their vegan special of the day, which—if you’re lucky—will be the cinnamon roll pancake), this establishment exemplifies why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day.


For lunch in this city, it’s best to keep it simple. When it comes to tasty, casual Austin cuisine, tacos rein supreme, and there’s no better way to fuel up for an afternoon of SXSWing than with a meal that comes wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla. But while everyone has their favorite taco joint—a strong preference that, for many, borders on obsession—and will debate to the death why theirs is the best, Taco Deli in particular is a must-try. The restaurant, with its cult-like following, has several locations around town, and filling-wise it offers a variety of options featuring everything from grilled sirloin and slow-roasted pork shoulder to portobello mushrooms—plus a rich, made-from-scratch mole. (Or alternately, for those who want to take the culinary path less traveled, Tacos Ivan is a tiny, hidden treasure of a taco stand, found in the back of a C-Mart, and serves up classic, made-to-order breakfast tacos until mid-afternoon.)


While for dinner, there are upscale and trendy restaurants popping up all over Austin, if you’re in the market for good, affordable food that comes with a unique ambiance—making for an actual eating experience¬¬— think outside the box and go with G’Raj Mahal. What once was a food trailer recently went the brick-and-mortar route, and now the popular Indian restaurant can be found nestled amongst the bars in the popular Rainey Street district. Whether you opt to nibble on samosas, pakoras and naan in an intimate indoor setting or take your tikka masala and curry in the big backyard or out front on the romantic patio, with food and vibes this great, you’re guaranteed a good meal and a good time.

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