Weird Homes Tour 2015: A Self-Guided Tour that Gives Back

IMG_0627 td

The Austin Weird Homes Tour took place last weekend, and while the weather may have not been ideal, there were some amazing residences on display. Started in 2014, the Weird Homes Tour was created to “showcase the weird, wonderful and whimsical people and places that make our world amazing.” Founded by Chelle and David Neff, the Tour was inspired by a walk around the Crestview neighborhood that got the couple talking about the variety of weird and fantastical homes around Austin – and that nobody outside of the neighbors were really aware the homes existed. So, Weird Homes Tour was born and with it a mission to give back to the community. 20% of all ticket sales on the tour go to Caritas of Austin. In their first year, Weird Homes Tour gave enough back to Caritas to furnish three homes for those in need. Ticket sales for 2015’s tour doubled from 2014, and 2016 is going to bring another Austin based tour and a new tour in Houston.

Here are a few images from some of the homes we visited.

IMG_0613 td

IMG_0595 td

IMG_0601 td

IMG_0597 td

IMG_0605 td

IMG_0607 td

As well as an amazing workshop and various pieces by the artist owner of the house, this south Austin home also had a handmade suspension bridge leading from the third floor balcony to the four-level fort in the backyard. I WANT TO LIVE HERE.

IMG_0627 td

IMG_0634 td

IMG_0640 td

At the Earthbag House (above), we learned about the collaboration between Thea Bryant, who worked on the clay walls and floor, and Bill Stone, who designed the plumbing and electrical systems in the house and helped provide much of the manual labor and hands-on experience required for such an undertaking.

IMG_0671 td

IMG_0669 td

IMG_0665 td

IMG_0661 td

IMG_0650 td

IMG_0654 td

IMG_0656 td

IMG_0649 td

IMG_0647 td

IMG_0644 td

At Susan’s north Austin home, we were treated to a gigantic collection of created and collected art, ranging from sculpture and metalwork, to figurines, globes, paintings and more.

Photos used with permission, please contact us here if you’d like to use any.


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