Image of the Day: August 5th, 2015

me and the sysop

After weeks of technical and other issues, we’re finally back in business and getting stuff done. Check out this photo taken by ‘me and the sysop‘. It’s amazing, simple, but says so much.

Here’s what the photographer says about it on the original Flickr image: “i can’t even tell you what joy this picture brings me. it’s hard to explain so that it makes sense. i was watching the crowd inside cheering, the performers bowing to them and the street crowd alike. it’s like real-life television. the street crowd is even illuminated by the spot lights inside, like a tv does. i don’t know, i just love it, how captivated they are.” It’s a really old photo (2009!), but who cares, it’s great.

Photo taken March 14th, 2009.
Used under Creative Commons license.
See the original here.


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