Sam Sumpter: Austin’s Essential Beer Facts

Summer is in full swing, and there’s nothing better than an evening beer to attempt to cool off after a long day at work. Sam Sumpter has compiled some facts and figures about beer in Austin – good for impressing friends with your beer knowledge at happy hour.


Facts and Numbers You Need to Know

66 Brewers are slotted to be on site for the Texas Craft Brewers Festival on September 19th at Fiesta Gardens.

Texas’s craft brewing industry is the second largest in the country, and Austin is at the heart of it.

APRIL 29, 2015 was declared Craft Brewers Day by the Texas House of Representatives.

According to Brewers Association, there are 117 Craft Breweries and 982,918 barrels of craft beer produced each year in Texas.

The Austin Brew Bus is a tour that buses riders (and drinkers) to 3 breweries around town.

Scholz Garten—a German restaurant and beer garden—has been around since 1866.

In 2014, Austin Beer Works rolled out a 99-pack of beer that was seven feet long and weighed in at 82 pounds.

Beer Advocate has 28 breweries listed in Austin.

There are 100+ beers available at Brew Exchange, “where Wall Street meets West Sixth Street” and the prices of beers fluctuates throughout the night based on their popularity.

Draft Magazine listed two spots in Austin—Craft Pride and Draught House Pub & Brewery—in its 2014 list of the 100 best beer bars in America.


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