Faces of Austin #6: The Activist, Jessica Luther

As Austinites, we’re blessed to live in a city that is progressive, experiential, experimental, game-changing, conscious and, lets face it, awesomely cool. In such a city, you’d expect the population to match, and in the ATX, we don’t disappoint. This Capital City is chock-full of amazing citizens who strive to better the city on a daily basis. From writers to activists, entrepreneurs to artists, we’ve rounded up a diverse group of Austinites that help make this city great.


In recent years, local freelance journalist Jessica Luther has become a compelling megaphone for women’s rights, with a brand of activism-fueled journalism seen in everything from live-tweeted coverage of Wendy Davis’ 2013 filibuster (parlayed into cultural critiques for The Atlantic) to in-depth analysis of hot-button issues like the Vanderbilt rape case for Sports Illustrated. Luther, who pinpoints her expertise “at the intersection of sports and violence against women,” says it’s not just UT athletics or firebrand politics that keep her in Austin. The gentrifying city raises her awareness about whose stories do (and don’t) get preserved in society. “As [Austin] expands, I feel this desire to dig into and learn about the histories that will disappear alongside its changing geography and demography.” Luther is currently finishing a book on college football and sexual violence.


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