Faces of Austin #12: The Leader of Local, Joah Spearman

As Austinites, we’re blessed to live in a city that is progressive, experiential, experimental, game-changing, conscious and, lets face it, awesomely cool. In such a city, you’d expect the population to match, and in the ATX, we don’t disappoint. This Capital City is chock-full of amazing citizens who strive to better the city on a daily basis. From writers to activists, entrepreneurs to artists, we’ve rounded up a diverse group of Austinites that help make this city great.


Austin entrepreneur Joah Spearman has a passion for helping people “go local.” The South Carolina native and UT grad co-founded Localeur, an innovative travel app featuring in-the-know recommendations from locals that debuted as the Best New Startup of SXSW 2013. “We’re a city of dreamers and doers,” Spearman says about how Austin influenced his latest venture, which has now expanded to 14 other cities. “[It’s] just a phenomenal city for people who love experiencing new things.” But despite his dedication to sharing a local’s perspective, Spearman can’t help but place Austin in an international context. “For so long, we simply measured ourselves as being cooler than Dallas and Houston, but now we need to think globally.”


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