Faces of Austin #15 & 16: The Power Couple, Turk & Christy Pipkin

As Austinites, we’re blessed to live in a city that is progressive, experiential, experimental, game-changing, conscious and, lets face it, awesomely cool. In such a city, you’d expect the population to match, and in the ATX, we don’t disappoint. This Capital City is chock-full of amazing citizens who strive to better the city on a daily basis. From writers to activists, entrepreneurs to artists, we’ve rounded up a diverse group of Austinites that help make this city great.


Writer and filmmaker Turk Pipkin and his wife Christy are using the power of film to create positive change for children through the Nobelity Project, a nonprofit that has created three feature documentaries and 50 short films on global problems and solutions. With a goal to provide all children—both local and international—with proper access to education, Turk says, “The Nobelity Project couldn’t have made feature films and built schools and other projects around the world without our Austin roots and the support and encouragement of countless Austinites who care.” Christy expands on Turk’s sentiment, saying, “We see that local acts have global impacts, and that global issues are also local issues. Whether we are working with kids here on service projects or supporting a community in Kenya to build a preschool or library, education and equity help pave the path to peace.”


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